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When you’ve been stuck viewing life behind glasses, contact lenses can be an attractive option for clear vision. But if you decide to start wearing them, you must know proper contact lens care. Improper care can lead to damaged lenses or even a serious eye infection or impairment. 

Crescent Eye Care, the Top Rated Local® provider of vision care for Charleston, SC, is here to guide you through contact lens maintenance. Read on for our best tips, and contact us with additional questions.


Follow Instructions From Your Eye Doctor

There are different types of contacts that you could be prescribed. No matter which kind you have, though, your eye doctor is your best professional resource, so follow their guidance. At our Charleston eye care clinic, we’ll carefully go over your specific lenses’ care instructions to ensure you understand them.

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Clean Your Contact Lenses Properly

It’s crucial that you properly clean your contact lenses between uses. Otherwise, you’re exposing your eyes to harmful bacteria and germs. Always follow the cleaning instructions from your eye doctor. In addition, don’t ever use water for cleaning because it’s not sterile.

Use Caution When Removing Your Lenses

Proper contact lens care isn’t just about cleaning and storing your lenses the right way but also handling them. When it’s time to take your contacts out, do so with clean, dry hands. By gently touching and squeezing the lenses between your fingers, you can ensure you don’t damage them during removal.

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Discard Old Contact Lenses and Lens Cases

You might notice an expiration date on your contact lenses’ packaging. If you find yours are past that date, stop wearing them and discard them immediately to avoid any problems. You should also replace your contact lens case every three months or sooner if it becomes damaged.

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