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Do you need contact lenses? If you are unsatisfied or uncomfortable with your eyeglasses, then the answer is probably yes. Luckily, Crescent Eye Care is here to help. There’s a reason why we are one of the top results when you search “best eye doctor near me”. We provide top-of-the-line glasses and contacts services, such as contact lens fittings, to the Charleston community. To help you determine which contact lenses are best for you, our team has broken down some of the key differences between reusable and disposable lenses. Continue reading to learn more!

Reusable Are Thicker And More Durable

Reusable contact lenses are great for everyday use because they are more durable. This makes the lenses long-lasting because they are more resistant to drying out, which is not the case with thinner disposable alternatives.

Save Money With Reusable

With reusable contact lenses, you can save money by not having to repeatedly shop for a new batch of contact lenses. Instead, you can rely on your reusable contacts to provide you with enhanced vision. All you have to do is routinely clean the lenses and keep your eyes healthy.

Lower Risk Of Keratitis With Disposable Lenses

If you don’t properly clean your reusable contact lenses, then you are putting yourself at risk. Over the course of a day, tear-borne substances can build on your lenses. This leads to irritation, which can then lead to rubbing your eyes. In turn, this can spread bacteria to your contacts. What these contaminated contact lenses can ultimately lead to is the inflammation of your cornea, also known as keratitis.

Clean Lenses Every Time With Disposable

As contacts remain in use, naturally occurring substances from your tear ducts start to build up. With protein, calcium, and lipids—among others—starting to compile, your contacts may become less comfortable. This is the benefit of disposable contact lenses. By discarding your pair of contacts every day, you get to start anew with a fresh pair in return.

If you are in Charleston and are looking for contact lens fittings near you, schedule an appointment with Crescent Eye Care. Our professional optometrists can help examine your eyesight and prescribe you the necessary tools to enhance your vision. Contact us today to get the comprehensive eye care you deserve!