Whether you are feeling changes in your vision or not, it is best to have your eyes examined annually. If you search “best eye doctors near me”, you will surely come across Crescent Eye Care. Our licensed optometrists provide top-quality eye care services and protection for the Charleston community. These services extend beyond the office to keep you knowledgeable about your eyes. Here is a breakdown of why you need to routinely schedule eye examinations.

Updating Your Prescription

Our comprehensive eye examinations provide you with an accurate, up-to-date prescription for glasses and contact lenses. Putting off examinations may lead to living your life in blurriness because you aren’t having your prescriptions updated. Your eyes are constantly changing, so you need to keep up with their developments. 

person putting on contact lens

closeup of eye

Detect Eye Diseases Early

One of the main purposes of eye examinations is to assure yourself that you are healthy. With the comprehensive examinations from our team at Crescent Eye Care, we can diagnose symptoms of diabetes, tumors, cancer, thyroid disorders, high blood pressure, and more through our examinations. The symptoms of these diseases can be difficult to detect, so getting professional care can help you find and treat them. 

Doctors Can Monitor Changes

Routine eye exams allow our professional optometrists to monitor any changes to your sight that may be happening over time. If you don’t get your eyes checked regularly, by the time of your next examination, you may end up spending more money with multiple treatments rather than if the issue was caught early.

eye exam

reading eye chart

Overall Prevention

Even if our staff doesn’t uncover any of the aforementioned changes and red flags, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Some people wait too long before they make their next appointment which means their eyesight could be deteriorating while they wait. Eye examinations offer a line of defense to any maladies that may be developing in your eyes.

The best time to schedule your eye examination is now! Contact Crescent Eye Care today for an appointment to meet all your optometry needs. From glasses and contacts services such as contact lens fittings to general examinations, we provide you with the best eye services in Charleston, SC.