1. What is Cataracts?

    Cataracts and other eye conditions, such as glaucoma, are familiar words to those who have elderly friends or family members. However, what do these conditions really mean for us and for the elderly loved ones in our life. Read more about glaucoma and stay right here to learn about the basics of cataracts.  Cataracts: What You Need to Know Cataracts is a vision condition caused by a clouding of t…Read More

  2. 5 Eye Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

    According to the World Health Organization, around 1.3 billion people have some type of visual impairment. Fortunately, however, 80 percent of these cases are preventable. And the first step in preventing visual impairment is to make people more aware of the symptoms of various types of eye conditions. Regular eye exams are also very important for detecting eye conditions before they damage vision…Read More

  3. 3 Healthy Habits for Everyday Eye Care, Part 4

    Welcome back to the Crescent Eye Care blog! If you’re just joining us, we have been looking at ways you can improve your eye and vision health by practicing healthy habits every day. Be sure to read parts one, two, and three along with today’s conclusion to our blog series. As your trusted Charleston eye care team, we are devoted to offering our patients insights for protecting the health of t…Read More

  4. 3 Healthy Habits for Everyday Eye Care, Part 3

    Welcome back to our blog! Your eyes are at risk of infection and injury on a daily basis, which is why making small changes to your everyday routines can help you take care of your eyes and vision. In parts one and two of this blog series, we have offered several useful tips for incorporating healthy habits into your daily routines to ensure the health of your eyes. Below are a few more healthy ha…Read More

  5. 3 Healthy Habits for Everyday Eye Care, Part 2

    Welcome back to the Crescent Eye Care blog. In part one of this blog series, we began looking at ways you can improve your eye care and vision health by practicing healthy habits every day. In our last post, we suggested the following eye care tips: Wash your hands often. Avoid touching and rubbing your eyes. Protect your eyes from sunlight and damaging UV rays. Here are three more healthy habits …Read More

  6. 3 Healthy Habits for Everyday Eye Care, Part 1

    It doesn’t take much to irritate your eyes, and now that spring is in full bloom, your eyes are at an even greater risk of eye and vision problems. In part one of this blog series, we’ll look at ways you can care for your eyes, maintain sharp vision, and protect your peepers from eye problems by incorporating these healthy habits into your daily practices. Wash Your Hands Frequently Your hands…Read More

  7. How To Give Your Eyes a Break Even if You Work on a Computer All Day

    You’ve heard it before, one of the most parroted pieces of advice when it comes to preventative eye care: “Your eyes would be better if you just spent more time away from the computer screen!” This statement, of course, isn’t wrong, but it ignores the fact that a large percentage of the population spends eight or more hours a day in front of a computer at work, with nowhere for their poor …Read More

  8. 7 Top Holiday Foods for Eye Health

    With all of the delicious foods, desserts, and beverages you’ll be eating and drinking this holiday season, it’s important to consider how what you eat can affect your vision health. Health-conscious eating during the holidays doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all the traditional holiday favorites; in fact, you can enjoy all the delectable flavors while keeping your health and wellness in m…Read More

  9. How to Ease Eye Allergy Symptoms—Part 1

    Hello, and welcome back. As summer comes to close and fall sets in here in South Carolina, this is often a time when people are bombarded with seasonal allergies. Eye allergies, in particular, can really mess up your day; between red, itchy eyes, swollen eyelids, and the endless stream of tears, there are a number of other symptoms that accompany seasonal allergies. Yet, there is hope for those wh…Read More

  10. Eye on Vision Health: 3 Ways to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

    Our eyes are our windows to the world around us, yet they are also susceptible to all kinds of threats that could damage or alter our vision health. Now that summer’s here, the risk for eye damage is significantly increased. If you’re like most people, you’ll be engaging in intensified outdoor activities and travels this summer. While it’s fun and invigorating spending time outdoors, in th…Read More