1. How to Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome Part 4

    Getting work done at a computer each day makes you particularly susceptible to a condition called computer eye syndrome. It's quickly becoming common issue among computer workers. Do you suffer from eye strain? Do your eyes get dry and your head ache? You're experiencing CES, and it's time to make an appointment with Crescent Eye Care. We understand that you have to spend hours with your computer…Read More

  2. How to Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome Part 2

    Many modern jobs involve computers. In fact, a large majority of people spend their days staring at computer screens at work - and then when they want to relax, they stare at phone screens and television screens. If you suffer from dry eyes, twitches, or weariness, you are experiencing just a slice of the symptoms of computer eye syndrome. We know you can't quit your job because your computer hurt…Read More

  3. 8 Tips for Protecting Your Eyesight Part 1

    Your eyes play an integral role in your quality of life. When they have trouble, you have trouble. The good news is, there are things you can do every day to keep your sight strong and healthy. They aren't complex or big - they're simple and small. At Crescent Eye Care, we are dedicated to empowering our patients to see clearly and keep it that way, so we are going to share some tips for keeping y…Read More

  4. The Stages of Retinopathy

    Affordable eye care is available in South Carolina. Crescent Eye Care in Charleston offers world-class eye care for affordable prices. We are fully committed to keeping the families in our area seeing clearly and without discomfort. In our last blog, we explored the basics of diabetic retinopathy, including basic symptoms. Basically, it is the abnormal growth of blood vessels in the retina, and it…Read More