We offer complete, comprehensive eye care including eye health exams for all of our patients in the Charleston area, which we highly recommend our patients receive at least once a year. These annual eye and vision exams help our eye doctor to detect glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration, among several other eye diseases, but can also help to diagnose high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes. This is important particularly because early detection and diagnosis can be your key to ensuring that these diseases are well managed and you can maintain a high quality of life and eyesight for years to come.

While eye care exams used to be limited in scope, the advance of imaging and scanning technologies have allowed us to see deeper, clearer and more comprehensively. At Crescent Eye Care & Optical in South Carolina, everything we do is directed toward making sure you have only the very best eye care available. To ensure the quality of our comprehensive eye care exams, we always invest in the latest eye care technology, the best education, and eye doctors who have your health, your needs, and your best interests in mind.

While you may feel like your vision is fine and that your eyes are healthy, many diseases show up quickly, without symptoms, and often develop without your knowledge. With a dilated eye exam, your eye doctor is able to see more of the retina, carefully observing any unusual spots that may not have been visible without a dilated pupil.

In order to serve you with the best eye care, we offer comprehensive eye exams as well as thorough dilated and vision exams, so contact us today to schedule your eye care appointment in Charleston.