At Crescent Eye Care, we have many clients that use contact lenses. We love contact lenses for how convenient and comfortable they can be. That being said, if you develop the wrong habits for contact care, they can become a major pain. In our next three blogs, we will share important tips for keeping everything happy between you and your contacts.

  1. Don’t use lenses longer than their prescribed time
    • This mistake is a very common one! Life can be crazy, and keeping up with new contact lenses can get beyond our reach sometimes. Make it a priority to stick to your prescription – you’re doing yourself a huge favor!
  2. Replace your contact lens case every three months
    • Reusing the same case makes it easier to transfer bacteria and get an eye infection.
  3. Don’t shower or swim with your contacts in
    • Your lenses are not made to handle being exposed to tap and pool water.
  4. Protect the tip of your lens solution bottle
    • You don’t want that tip to touch anything – not your fingers, not even the lens! Doing so can contaminate an entire bottle of solution.

When you can’t see well, living a good life can be difficult. There is no reason to live with vision troubles, especially not when our eye care specialists are ready to help you. Whether you need a general eye exam or treatment for macular degeneration, we are ready to give you world-class eye care. Contact our Charleston eye care specialists for an appointment today!

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