In our last blog, we touched on the well-known importance of beta-carotene for our eyes. This type of A-vitamin does a lot for our retinas. However, as we also said in our last blog, there are other foods that help your eyes as well! Your eyes need several different vitamins and minerals to be healthy. We’ve already touched on eggs and citrus, ad we’re ready to talk about a few more helpful foods.

Leafy Greens

  • These crunchy, fresh leaves are chocked full of zeaxanthin and lutein, antioxidants that can also be found in egg yolks. They protect your body from harmful antibodies, and your eyes are included. Your retinas will be in better shape and you’ll be glad you ate your vegetables!


  • Vitamin E slows down macular degeneration, and almonds are a fantastic source for it! Perfect spread over salad or munched on throughout the day, they provide huge benefits. You only have to eat a handful to get the almonds your b
  • ody needs for the day.

Fatty Fish

  • Why fatty? Because fatty fish like anchovies, salmon, and tuna provide DHA. DHA is a fatty acid that’s actually found in your retina! If you donyt have enough DHA, you probably suffer from dry eyes. So indulge in some fish and enjoy looking at it with the eyes it’s helping keep healthy!

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