When it comes to your eyes, you want to keep them healthy as long as possible. Eyes are your windows to the world, and you never want them fogged up, dirty, or worse, broken. At Crescent Eye Care in Charleston, your eye care is our number one priority. Our eye doctor and staff are here for all your eye health needs from a simple exam to helping you decided what contacts are right for you.

In this post, we are going to go over many of the myths that you may have heard about wearing contact lenses. Most people think wearing contacts is dangerous and could potentially harm your eye, we wanted to debunk these rumors and show you why contacts actually may be great for you.

1. Everyone else can wear contacts, but not me.

If you have bifocals, astigmatism, or other eye conditions you may feel like you are not the ideal candidate for contacts, and this is simply not the case. With the advancement of technology, especially within the medical world, there are now options for almost anyone to use contact lenses. Coming to the eye care specialists in Charleston is the only way to know for sure if you are going to be a good candidate for contacts. Schedule an appointment with us if you have been curious, you may be a better a recipient of contacts than your originally thought!

2. I am going to lose that contact behind my eye, so I am not taking that risk.

Most people swear they have a friend of a friend of a friend who this has happened to, and of course, it was very dramatic. Well, we hate to break it to you, but this never happened to that person or any person for that matter. There is a membrane within the eye that connects to the inside of your eyelid. This thing layer, called the conjunctiva, covers the white in the eye and prevents the contact from being able to go behind the eye. So, don’t worry about an emergency eye care appointment, because they are far less likely to happen than you think.

3. I heard contacts are uncomfortable, so I am going to stick to my glasses.

While you may hear your friend, coworker, or family member complain when their eyes are dry, that has nothing to do with the contact lens. After you get your first pair of contacts, they do take some adjusting, but our eye care specialists will be able to explain everything about this transitional phase to you. Once this period of time has subsided, you usually won’t notice the lens anymore. Most people say contacts are great because they feel like nothing at all!! If you have more questions about the comfort level of contacts, give our eye care team a call in Charleston.

4. Well, what if the lens gets stuck to my eye and I go blind?

If your eyes are not moisturized the correct amount, a soft contact lens can become stuck to the eye, but only for a moment. If your eyes are too dry, the lens will become similar to a suction cup on the eye. All you need to rid yourself of this scenario is some contact lens solution or a sterile saline. Apply these products to the eye and the solution should be able to get your eye hydrated and your contact lens should start moving again.

Hopefully, debunking these myths in our new blog series will help you become more open to the idea of contacts. Enjoy a life free of glasses getting in the way of daily activities, special events, and outdoor fun. If you are interested in getting set up with some contact lenses, contact our eye care specialists in Charleston today! Check back for our next blog in our blog series, debunking myths about contacts.