Imagine this: The day has finally come. After meeting with your local eye care specialists, you walk out with your fancy brand new glasses, and see the world in beautiful, high-definition detail. It should be amazing, right? Well, turns out it’s nothing new because this is the fifth time you’ve had to replace your glasses.

Does this sound like you? If it does, you probably need to learn how to take care of your glasses. Even if you haven’t replaced a pair yet, you too can avoid that walk of shame to the optometrist by taking preventative measures now. Luckily, we know all the secret tricks here at Crescent Eye Care, and we’re here to help.

  • Clean them well and clean them right. Make sure to use dishwasher soap and lukewarm liquid. Use a microfiber cloth and stay away from tissues, paper towels, and your shirt!
  • Leave ‘em in the case when not on your face. Leaving your glasses out can be a recipe for disaster. Kids, shoes, and overzealous cats are just a few of the threats your glasses face in the wide open.
  • Don’t let them get fried by extreme heat. Hey wait, isn’t this advice for basically everything? Well, doesn’t matter–it still applies to your glasses. Excessively hot temperatures run the risk of melting your frame and warping your lenses.
  • Don’t wear them on top of your head. We get it–you’re too cool to just take them off entirely. But since everyone already knows how cool you are, try taking them off instead–you won’t risk them falling off at the wrong time, or putting strain on the earpieces.
  • Watch the slippage. Your face tends to get oily throughout the day, and this, along with dirt, sweat, or other bacteria, can accumulate on your frame and earpieces, causing them to get slippery. If this is a problem for you, make sure you’re consistently washing your glasses and keeping your face clean. You don’t want them to slip off when you least expect it!

Your affordable eye care specialists at Crescent Eye Care Charleston want to make sure your glasses are always in top shape. Looking for an upgrade? Book an appointment with us today!