We often think of summer as an opportunity to rest and disconnect from work. However, you should know that in summer we expose our eyes to extreme weather conditions that can also cause problems. This makes it very important to pay attention to eye care during the summer.

The sun is not the only determining factor. Common summer activities like swimming in the pool or in the sea also require certain precautions, because of the irritating chlorine and bacteria that may be present in the water. Read on to learn more about eye care during the summer!


Wear Sunglasses

The best summer tip is to wear quality sunglasses. Although they are important year-round, in summer they are especially important. Quality sunglasses from a specialized store that offers 100% protection from UV rays are highly recommended because drug-store sunglasses simply do not offer the same protection.

Since the summer light is so intense, we also recommend that you use polarized sunglasses that eliminate reflections because they help to reduce the intensity of summer light.


Wear Diving Goggles

Diving goggles are fundamental if you are visiting the sea or pools. Not all diving goggles are created equal, however, and you will want a pair that will protect your eyes from both chlorine and bacteria that may be in the water. High-quality goggles prevent infections, irritations, and eye diseases that, in the long term, could deteriorate the quality of your vision. 


Blink Frequently

Try to blink often to moisturize your eyes during the summer. However, if your eyes feel dry, using artificial tears to keep them hydrated in summer can make all the difference in maintaining the health of your vision during the hottest weather. In any case, wear sunglasses to prevent the weather from affecting your eyes.


Do Not Look Directly at the Sun

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing sunglasses, looking directly at the sun is harmful to your eyes. You shouldn’t even look at the sun even with high-quality sunglasses because they won’t protect your eyes from direct UV rays, and the action may result in your vision slowly degenerating. This is a basic recommendation that you cannot dismiss.


Conclusion Paragraph

Summer is one of the seasons in which you should take special care of your eyes because they are exposed to greater dangers, such as ultraviolet rays. Additionally, the increased dryness and heat dries the pupils, and swimming pools may generate eye infections.

That’s why at Crescent Eye Care, we offer eye and vision care in South Carolina to protect your eye health. Visit us in Charleston!