Eye Exams

During your eye exam, an eye care specialist will document your medical history and do the initial eye test. At the end of the eye exam, your doctor will review the results of all tests, such as your risk of eye disease and preventive measures to protect your eyesight. You will get timely results since we use the latest technologies to scan and detect any unusual eye conditions and prevent eye diseases.


Contact Lens Exams In Charleston 

Contact lenses are prescribed after a general diagnosis of your visual health. They help you improve your vision immediately and allow you to maintain a fairly active life. With contact lenses exams, you can get your contact lenses and benefit from their advantages.


Cataracts Exams

After the diagnosis of cataracts, our specialist will recommend the next steps. If the symptoms are mild, check-ups will be recommended once a year for those over 65 years of age, and every two years for those under 65.

The cataract affects the quality of life and the ability to perform daily activities, and patients should consider cataract surgery, but surgery can be delayed anyway.


Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration

Early detection of glaucoma, through routine and comprehensive eye exams, is the key to protecting your vision. Chronic glaucoma is a disease that doesn’t cause any symptoms until the advanced stages in which visual field loss is severe. 

On the other hand, age-related macular degeneration is a disease associated with aging that gradually destroys central vision and image detail. In some cases, age-related macular degeneration progresses so slowly that people do not notice any change in their vision. In other cases, the disease progresses more rapidly and can cause vision loss in both eyes.


Conclusion Paragraph

With our eye exams, you will have everything you need to keep your eyesight healthy for much longer. All eye diseases and conditions can be prevented with regular eye exams, which also help improve your long-term visual health by preventing blindness and the degeneration of your visual field. Visit us in Charleston, South Carolina!