Up to 80% of blindness cases are preventable because they result from conditions or they can be treated to the point of regaining vision.

Visiting your ophthalmologist can save you from many problems and eye diseases regardless of your age. Eye care should begin at a very young age and continue into old age. Read on to learn much more about eye care at any age!



For babies, we need to maintain proper eye care as their vision is just forming. Parents should be careful enough to clean their eyes. In addition, they should consult with their pediatrician to evaluate their healthy development. 

For correct hygiene, you should clean the eyes with a physiological saline solution, using sterile gauze or wipes. It is not advisable to apply for any product or medicine without medical indication.



Sometimes, learning difficulties are the result of visual defects. In addition to detecting the need to wear glasses, we can also find difficulties in binocular vision (the use of both eyes), or alterations in vision. In these cases, vision therapy is key for everyone who experiences a vision problem. 

They should be treated by ophthalmologists and optometrists who will recommend contact lenses, glasses, therapy, medication, or whatever is considered necessary to solve your vision problem.




For teenagers, it is fundamental to have special eye care and in addition to regular eye exams. In this stage, they should avoid junk food, take precautions with makeup and avoid direct eye exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Proper nutrition also influences the evolution of sight, which is why it is so important to have balanced and nutritious meals.



In adulthood, everyone should be screened for symptoms of presbyopia or eye strain. It is also important to measure intraocular pressure, as well as to observe the optic nerve and evaluate the visual field because glaucoma can occur at any time. So, aging is an important factor for eye care and you should visit your ophthalmologist regularly.


Conclusion Paragraph

Eyecare is important at any age. From childhood on, we must take essential care of our visual health by visiting the ophthalmologist or optometrist to rule out diseases, prevent blindness, and receive treatment on time. 

At all times we need regular check-ups in our eyesight to make sure that our visual health is in perfect condition, and at Crescent Eye Care, we focus on eye and vision care in South Carolina. Contact us to get comprehensive eye care in Charleston!