Hello and welcome back to the Crescent Eye Care blog! Winter is coming even to Charleston and with it the need to remember to care for our eyes. Especially if you don’t wear glasses or contacts, it’s easy to forget about these little sensory organs that do so much for us. To keep them in tiptop shape we need to be mindful of the wear and tear that the winter months can put on our eyes.

Stay tuned to learn more and if your eyes need some extra TLC or you think your vision wasn’t like it once was, contact our Charleston eye care center.

3 Winter Eye Care Basics

Though the winter time might not be known for eye-searing sunshine, the season can still put a lot of wear on our eyes.

Wear Sunglasses

Because we don’t get snow in Charleston, we don’t always know the strain snow can put on our eyes. If you are traveling this holiday season, be sure to bring your sunglasses and wear them to protect your eyes from snow glare which can hurt them nearly as much as the sunshine can.

Use a Humidifier

Because we are probably spending more time inside staring at a TV or computer, and due to the cold weather our eyes may begin to feel extra dry. If your eyes do feel dry, try to blink more and if you are staring at a screen be sure to take breaks every 20 minutes and look somewhere else. However, if this still doesn’t help, use a humidifier at home and consider contacting your optometrist.

Get Your Eyes Checked

Because there are fewer hours in the day, if you drive early in the morning or during the late afternoon, you will experience less light to illuminate the road in front of you. To avoid straining your eyes and getting into an accident, be sure to get your eyes checked this winter.

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