Welcome back to our blog! Your eyes are at risk of infection and injury on a daily basis, which is why making small changes to your everyday routines can help you take care of your eyes and vision. In parts one and two of this blog series, we have offered several useful tips for incorporating healthy habits into your daily routines to ensure the health of your eyes. Below are a few more healthy habits for you to consider.

Protect Your Eyes in Water

Because of Charleston’s close proximity to several bodies of water, aquatic activities are a common pastime for many living and visiting our beautiful city. But this also places Charleston residents in danger of damaging their eyes when swimming at the beach, in one of many rivers, and, of course, at the pool. If you swim underwater, it’s best to protect your eyes wearing swimming goggles to keep water out of your eyes. Goggles allow you to see underwater while also protecting your peepers from chemical treatments in pools and bacteria in open bodies of water.

Wear Protective Eyewear When Playing Sports

Some of the most common injuries athletes suffer are injuries to the head and face that often affect the eyes. When playing sports, especially contact sports, it’s best to wear safety glasses that offer protection for your eyes against blunt eye trauma, corneal abrasions, and penetrating eye injuries, to name a few.  

Schedule a Glaucoma Test

Keeping up with regular eye exams with your Charleston eye care specialists at Crescent Eye Care will ensure your eyes are healthy and that you get the proper corrective care you need to keep your vision sharp. A glaucoma test can help prevent damage to the optic nerve that causes gradual, irreversible vision loss. Call your friendly and knowledgeable Charleston eye care center to schedule a glaucoma test, vision exam, and contact lenses exam to maintain the health of your eyes and vision. Join us next time to learn more healthy habits for everyday eye care!